360 Bloomwash Pro 9kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top-Load Washing Machine with In-Built Heater (31602)

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  • Removes Up to 50 Tough Stains and Up to 48 hours Old Stains
  • Removes Up to 99% Germs & Allergens
  • 360 Bloomwash Technology
  • Hot Catalytic Soak
  • Hard Water Wash

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Whirlpool Washing Machines come with 5 Star Energy rating for best in class water & energy efficiency.Get rid of everyday stains with the all-new Hotmatic Technology. It's advanced microprocessor and intellisensor enables the washing machine to analyze data and control water temperature for different fabric type.Heats water upto 60° C at 3 different levels ranging from Warm, Hot to Allergen Free, offering customized care by offering different water temperatures as per cloth type.No need to worry about immediate removal of stains. With the Stainwash program, one can remove stains that are even 48 hours old.The hot catalytic soak mechanism soaks clothes in concentrated detergent water to loosen the dirt, before the agitation. This mechanism uses 1/3rd the quantity of water to create a high detergent concentration.Adapts the wash cycle to give you 20%* better cleaning. The intelligent hard water mechanism adapts the machine program for washing in hard water, giving improved washing performance.360° Bloomwash Pro has a wide edge to edge, one piece glass lid which gives a better and more convenient drum access.The newly designed hexa bloom impeller with 6 vanes, washes clothes in a unique 360° blooming wash motion. This makes clothes rub against each other ensuring superior cleaning results with minimizing fabric abrasion.Senses the laundry load inside the tub and recommends detergent dosage accordinglyTo resolve water pressure situations, Whirlpool presents ZPF Technology. Zero Pressure. Fill technology ensures that the wash tub gets filled 50%^^ faster even if the water pressure is as low as 17mpa.The hydraulic mechanism of the soft closing lid gives you a premium experience and also protects the glass lid from any damage.The Power Dry feature has 4 unique drying options – Gentle, Normal, Extra and Power. It provides 4 customised drying options as per the fabric type and its drying requirements.

Technical Specifications

Gross Capacity (Kg)9 kg
Motor Warranty10 Years
Water Levels 10
Types Of Stain Removal50
Comprehensive Warranty (Year)2 Years
Other Warranty Details10 Years Warranty on Prime Mover & Motor
Maximum Spin SpeedMax 740
Tub MaterialStainless Steel
Energy Rating5 Star
Voltage Range(V)220-240 V
Wattage (W)770 W
Frequency (Hz)50 Hz
Country Of OriginIndia
Manufactured ByWhirlpool of India Ltd.
Packed ByWhirlpool of India Ltd

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